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Easy to Adapt International Freshman Life in Ukraine – They are different and the same

Studying abroad is both challenging and adventurous for a first-year student at medical university in Ukraine. It is challenging because everything around you is new and different. An adventurous because it’s time for new experiences with so much to learn and absorb within. A freshman might find similarities as well as differences in people, culture, and buildings etc. But with the passage of time, each and every student sinks into the changes of a new place.

A student of Bangladesh Sumaya Surovi said: “There are different seasons in my country, but heat lasts the longest, so it was quite difficult for me to get used to low temperatures. My favorite place in Uzhhorod is the quay”.

For an international student, it is easy to adapt in a country like Ukraine and become familiar with nature, living style, and varied culture of the country. The counselors of university are always there to help the medical students and familiarize them with the study environment.

At present, about 450 students coming from India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey and Hungary study at the faculties of medicine, dentistry and engineering of Uzhhorod National University.

The International students do not face any language barrier, as UzhNU provides medical education in languages like English, Ukrainian, and Russian. The university also provides local and International students with the world-class accommodation, education as per BOLOGNA process. Different scientific and clinical training are imparted to students in different subjects. Students are well facilitated to write scientific papers, International students also attend special training in the department of microbiology, virology and immunology, and other subjects too.

An African Gabriele Teknon shared his impressions: “I was born in Zimbabwe, there is almost no winter. Therefore, when it got very cold in Ukraine (I first lived in Lugansk, where winter temperatures declined to -350 C), it was difficult, but I got used to it. In my opinion, Uzhhorod is a beautiful town. The people here are friendly. I like that it is a Christian town like my native one. By the way, I’m from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, which is better developed than a small and quiet regional center of Transcarpathia, but it’s better for me to study in such place. When we don’t have classes, me and my friend walk around Bozdosh park, play basketball, visit each other, prepare grilled meat. I am a musician; I dance, sing, read rap; I even recorded my own album here. My video will be released in summer”.

Ukraine offers almost everything for a first year college student to become competent in the competitive world. Uzhhorod National University does not leave any stone unturned to bring out the best from the student. It also provides facilities to the students to keep them engaged in leisure activities such as cooking, painting, playing chess and badminton, football, Table-tennis and other sports activities for holistic development of students.

Boys and Girls practicing different denominations of Hinduism, Islam, Catholicism and other religions.

Uzhhorod National University also organizes student friendship week to acquaint medical enthusiasts with other international students so that they can make new friends in the new university.

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